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Our clients ask us to apply our experiential techniques in a variety of different contexts and formats:

  • Contexts: organisational change; selection processes; acquisition/integration of new teams.
  • Formats: Development Centres; Assessment Centres; training programmes.

Underpinning these formats would be a variety of Models around best practice and procedure; competency frameworks; behavioural indicators:

  • We work with a client’s own Models; competencies; procedures.
  • We have experience of universal Models and concepts e.g. Trusted Adviser; GROW Model; Trust Equation; Kubler Ross Change Curve; Action Learning Groups; Thinking Hats; Active Listening; Questioning Skills; Johari Window; Arc of Distortion; Transactional Analysis; Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Modes.
  • We have experience with the application and formats of a variety of behavioural indicators e.g. MBTI; HBDI; DiSC; Insights; Social Styles; Belbin Types.



  • Development

    A Development event can take many forms and can be scaled to suit a large or small group.  Ranging from a formal Centre which uses Assessment observation tools/practices through to small group Workshops.

    • Leadership
    • Influencing
    • Building relationships
    • Questioning & listening
    • Networking; personal impact
    • Difficult conversations
    • Handling conflict.
  • Training

    Focussing on very specific topics these typically take the form of Workshops or as targeted interventions within an overall programme.

    • Feedback skills
    • Performance management
    • Account management
    • Diversity & inclusion
    • Presentation skills
    • Negotiation skills
    • Customer service
    • Consultative selling skills.
  • Assessment

    These involve carefully written scenarios which challenge the participant in specific ways.  Underpinning these observed interactions are a set of Competencies against which the participant is measured.  This structure requires the professional role-player to be:

    • Thoroughly briefed on the commercial/technical context of the scenario.
    • Realistic and authentic in their portrayal of the client or colleague.
    • Maintain a high degree of consistency between different participants.
    • Provide feedback which is in keeping with the Competencies.
  • Recruitment

    Our clients frequently include an experiential element into senior recruitment processes.  Seeing a candidate in action can provide invaluable insights into how that person may perform their duties in the real world.  Typically, we re-create conversations with various stakeholders or challenge the candidate with handling a sensitive Media interview.  This approach is used in both the Public and Private sectors; here are some examples of recruitment processes we have worked on:

    • Commercial: appointment of a senior level Director to create a brand-new Service Division working across the global group.
    • Law: appointment of a commercial MD into a Partnership for the very first time.
    • Health: appointment of a new CEO for a regional Ambulance Service; appointment of a new FD for a major Health Trust.
    • Education: appointment of a Marketing Director for a third level College; appointment of a new CEO and Directors for a regional education authority.

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