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Skills Practice (sometimes called ‘real-play’)

The participant sets the brief – it is entirely ‘bespoke’.  With a focus on their learning objectives, the participant receives a highly personalised learning experience. The participant does not ‘act’ or ‘role-play’ at all.  They are encouraged to be themselves whilst trying new strategies and behaviours. In fact, a Course for 12 participants becomes 12 personalised learning experiences.  
We encourage participants to step out of their comfort zone by providing:

  • a highly skilled ‘coaching style’ which supports and challenges the participant
  • a safe environment in which to try something new, with full confidentiality
  • a small group session which creates a supportive environment where all can learn from each other

This technique is one of the most feared sessions we run!  That fear is from apprehension about the unknown but after a few minutes that feeling turns to excitement as the person literally ‘feels’ the difference and hears the immediate feedback.  Time and again the participant’s appreciation is reflected in very positive feedback.


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